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iNet WOL

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scan network ping bonjour iphone

scan network ping bonjour iphone

scan network ping bonjour iphone

scan network ping bonjour iphone

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iNet WOL

wake on lan made easy


iNet WOL is a wakeup tool for computer connected by an ethernet cable to a local network or to the internet. Its outstanding feature is its easiness of usage and the simple setup process.

Macintosh devices running Mac OS X you can remotely set to sleep or shutdown.

inet icon Setup

iNet WOL scans the devices connected to your local network and shows them along with their name, IP and vendor at the tip of a button. You do not need to find out the MAC addresses or type them in. Just click on an item in the generated list to add it to your favourites list.

For setting up OS X computers for sleep or shutdown remotely you enter your username and password.

inet icon Usage

Start iNet WOL and click on the device you want to wake up. Its that simple.

inet icon Setup for WOL over internet

Setting up the correct parameters in your router and your firewall is a precondition for waking up devices over the internet. Moreover - the computer to wake up has to be configured correctly.

This is a more or less complicated task. We recommend this only for experienced users. The basic steps to do this are:

  • Connect the computer via ethernet cable (and, if your computer is a mobile device, plug in the power supply. Without power supply connected most mobile devices will not power the ethernet card in sleep or power off mode.)

  • Configure your router: Setup the necessary UDP-Port forwarding in the configuration menu (standard for wol is port 9)

  • Make sure your network is accessible via internet, e. g. by setting up an account at

  • Test your setup by an external WOL service like this one.


  • Network cards must support the standard Magic Packet format.

  • Computers must be configured for wake-up packets on the network card and in the computer BIOS

  • Wake On Lan with subnet directed broadcasts is currently not supported. We will implement this feature in a future update. Wake On Lan will currently work only within the same subnet. This includes VPN as well.

  • The router has to be IPV4 compatible and has to have the capability of forwarding packets via UDP ports.

  • For sending sleep or shutdown commands (OS X only) you need to have admin privileges with username and password and have enabled remote access in system preferences.

inet icon iNet WOL help

The setup and features iNet WOL performs are described in the help section under the "i"-button. A more sophisticated description of the wake on lan setup you will find here as a downloadable pdf: WOL Setup Guide and Comprehensive WOL Setup Guide or combined as .zip:

inet icon More in development

iNet WOL will be developed further to fullfill your expectations. If you need more possibilities regarding the control of you network we recommend iNet Pro - network and Bonjour scanner.

Help improving iNet WOL
    - your ideas are mostly welcome

What iNet WOL does

Software requirements: iPhone or iPod touch Vers. 2.2.1 and newer, an wol-compatible computer and/or router. For sleep or shutdown commands you have to use a Macintosh device running OS X.

If you want to wake up or start up a computer in your local network or via internet - iNet WOL for iPhone is a quick and easy to use solution. To get your own copy please click the App Store button below.



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