iNet for Mac

iNet for Mac: Network Scanner,
Bonjour Browser, Airport Monitor
and more.

Wiki² -Wikipedia Reader for iPad

Convenient Wikipedia Reader for iPad - offline reading included.

Control! - remote control for Mac

Remote control your Mac - with video streaming, file browser and more.

iNet - network scan, wifi, bonjour browser, portscan
iNet Pro

Scan networks and Bonjour services, ping, portscan, wake on lan ...

Glyph-O-Rama - special characters for text in mail, chat, pages ...

Glyphs and special characters for text in mail, chat, pages ...

WOL wake on lan with your iPhone
iNet WOL

... wake on lan.

iAmino - Genetic decoder for proteinogenetic amino acid, codon,

Learning tool and offline reference for proteinogenic amino acids.

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30 May, 2014

wikiiconmitrandWe added more iOS 7 compatibility layout enhancements, much better keyword management and a lot of other things. Please update soon to enjoy the new features.

29 May, 2014

iNet WOL wake on lan icon[Added] iOS7 support
[Added] Updated model and vendor databases
[Added] Code optimizations

27 May, 2014

ineticon60mitrand[Added] More iOS7 design and compatibility
[Fixed] Wake on Lan over internet
[Fixed] Some User reported issues

14 May, 2014

ineticon60mitrand[Added] iOS7 design and compatibility
[Added] Updated model and vendor databases
[Added] Restore previous upgrades button

This is the new IOS7 ready release of the free version of iNet Networkscanner. To restore your previous upgrades please use the “Restore previous upgrades” button. And - as always - enjoy your life!

2 May, 2014

ineticon60mitrand[Added] iOS7 design and compatibility
[Added] Updated model and vendor databas­es
[fixed] Some user reported issues

There are still some screens - mainly the wake on lan section - where the new design could not be implemented up to now. We will add this with the soon coming next update. Please update to the new lovely created version of iNet Pro. The inApp update of iNet lite will be delivered within some weeks as well as a new iNet WOL. A special iPad release is in development also.

We thank all our customers for your valuable hints and empowering mails. Greetings from BananaGlue.

7 April, 2014

wikiiconmitrandWe added iOS 7 compatibility, better keyword management and a lot of other enhancements. Please update as soon as possible. And don’t forget to enjoy your life :-)

19 March, 2014

iconinetnet60mitrandrechtusundunten1We updated all databases and hardware icons and fixed some user reported issues. This maintenance release of iNet will be available as soon as the Apple review team will approve this version. More features are in development.

A new release of Wiki² - Wikipedia reader for iPad is in preparation too as well as a new iNet Pro for iPhone.

31 October, 2013

iconinetnet60mitrandrechtusundunten1Due to changes in the latest Airport Extreme model iNet for Mac does not show the Airport usage currently. All other functions are working properly. We will update as soon as possible to include the latest models as well as the latest iPhone and Mac models..

24 October, 2013

BananaGlue Logo iNet got an own homepage.

We proudly present The new iNet Homepage

13 August, 2013

iconinetnet60mitrandrechtusundunten1Some user reported that iNet does not start up or crashes after an update of the Mac operating system.
In this case please delete the folder:
iNet should work as expected again.

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